Musical guests

on "The Inheritance":

(in order of appearance:)

Words by Dan:

  • Eddie Risdal
    Eddie Risdal:

    I knew Eddie was an excellent growler/screamer from my mixtering of his band Legacy of Emptiness. When I listened back-to-back from the pre-production of "The Inheritance, I felt that I needed some different growling "character" from time to time.

    Even though I like my own growls, It kind of sounds the same all the time, and therefore I came to the conclusion that I needed some different voices, just for a few lines here and there. Eddie can be heard in "Astrid falls" at 06:03 and in "The Wedlock Observation"at 02:55-03:10, 03:44-04:08, 05:21-05:31, 05:48-05:51

  • Paul Kuhr
    Paul Kuhr:

    I first heard Pauls voice back in 2004 and I love the way he articulate the lyrics
    clearly and still have a deep, powerful rasp to his voice. He can also alter his "pitch" a bit more than I can, so for me, it was a no-brainer that Paul would add some growls to this record.

    Enjoy Paul in "Dying for the Sun"
    at 02:14-02:36, 03:28-04:02, 04:32-04:54, 06:06-06:15 and also in "The Wedlock Observation" at 02:46-02:47, 05:58-06:01

  • Joel Selsfors
    Joel Selsfors:

    I am no stranger to laying down some nice Mini Moog-ish lead-synths, but from time to time I find myself running out of ideas. Then it's always nice with a fresh input, a.k.a. Guests musicians :)

    When my first choice backed out because of a busy schedule, I was a bit confused and didn't really know what to do. I honestly don't know that many Synth-Yngwies ;)

    Then I hear about Joel Selsfors doing some live-session work with a progressive-rock band on short notice, and then I thought "Maybe he can do a synth-solo on short notice as well??"
    And he sure could :)

    I got a positive reply within minutes from sending the first email, and he sent a couple of different versions and I combined the best bits and ended up with a solo far beyond anything I would have done on that spot. You can hear Joels kick-ass in "Dying for the Sun" lead at: 05:19-05:37

  • Morten Jörgensen
    Morten Jørgensen

    Another great growler that I discovered through my day job! He reminded my of a young Mike Åkerfeldt around the time of the 1st Bloodbath EP and that is a kick ass score in my book! So I immediately put him on my"to work with" list and when I began gathering possible guest-cookie monsters for this album, he was on top of my list, and he agreed to join in!

    He went to Jakob Bredahls studio Dead Rat and laid down some excellent earth-shattering growls!!

    Morten can be heard in "The Wedlock Observation" at 01:57-02:18, 05:38-05:41